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anyone made Dan Lepard's Sour 100% rye bread?

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buns of steel

anyone made Dan Lepard's Sour 100% rye bread?

I started making this bread today. Basically it makes a gelatinized rye mix with boiling water and rye flour, and the balance is all fine rye flour and rye leaven.


Then he sort of skips a bulk fermentation and goes right to a formed loaf, which proofs for five hours.  The photo looks not unlike a deli rye, versus a heavy 100% rye bread.


I used the metric weights, and the texture of my dough didn't seem like you could shape it into a baton, especially not using typical shaping techniques he refers you to on another page.  However, for some reason I thought his starter was 50/50, then I realized after it's 125 g flour : 100g water.  I lost a little faith as to how it would turn out, and didn't want to waste the organic rye, so I amended it into another loaf using bread flour.   


But I love the idea of this bread, if it is possible, and if it works out reasonably as pictured.


I'm wondering if anyone has made this bread, and if they got results that look like the photo, and anything else you can tell me.  I have used the technique of gelatinized rye before, but have never done a 100% rye that comes out looking like a deli rye, as does the picture on that recipe.


Replies appreciated from anyone who's made that bread. :)

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I made Dan Lepard's 100% rye bread once. Have been meaning to try it again.  Mine looked and felt like a brick but tasted great.  The dough was so sticky and shapeless that I baked it in a tin like I do most of my bread. I was a bit unsure about the flour because I only had whole grain stone ground. It feels pretty fine. I tried to sift it but being stoneground it didn't have the flakes of bran.