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Country Bread Modified from Forkish EIB.

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Country Bread Modified from Forkish EIB.

It has been some time since I made some sourdough country bread.

These are the same formulas that I previously perfected. Except I switched out the purple barley for the whole spelt.



Total Flour - 1100g

King Arthur Bread Flour 57%

Einkorn whole wheat 11%

Dark Rye 5.9%

Whole spelt 5.9%

Levian 40% @ 100% Hydration 

Water 73%  (20% from Levian)

Salt 2%


Mix Bosch Universal -15 Minutes.

Bulk @ 74°F 2 Hours (80% of original volume)

Proof (second rise) 8 Hrs cold ferment refrigerator 36°F


Preheating 550°F

Bake -  20 minutes steam 400°F

Purge oven - 20 minutes dry 400°F