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Caputo Superiore Flour, Has anyone tried it? 

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Caputo Superiore Flour, Has anyone tried it? 


While I was searching for Caputo flours for my next purchase, I found this range: Caputo Superiore flour. The numbers and description-wise look like a perfect match for my needs, but I didn't find any reviews online.

Has anyone tried it?

I bake mainly croissants, brioches, pastries, etc.

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Likely soft, low protein.

European flours in general are lower protein than North American flours.  Tipo 00 means finely ground and low extraction, very white. 

If you are looking for a strong flour, this one does not meet that requirement. 

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Hard wheat  and soft wheat does not describe the protein %. The only grain that is hard wheat is durum - hard. Everything else, including high protein flour, is tenero - soft. 

The protein % for this flour is 11.5% so it's more the equivalent of AP flour. It's a mixture of grains and versatile with high elasticity. They recommend 'medium' proofing times. 

And yes, go easy on the water if following a North American recipe. It'll most likely need lower hydration. 

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Here are the specifications...

Seems to be a finely ground all-purpose flour.

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i have found their flours to be very good and with a protein level of almost 12% i would be very happy to use it. even our flour labeled Strong bakers flour here in Australia  is 12% and their bread flour listed as 11%.   have found Caputo flour to be quite aromatic  when being baked, I have occasionally seen it for sale at Costco here in Aus.

i'm currently using a flour that i did BUY from Costco and you could easily think that its another Italian Flour

May be an image of pasta and text

BUT its not, its a flour from the large Manildra Milling group  the good thing its price was A$7.70 from memory  for the 5kg bag that's $1.54 a kg   and it performs well. Protein level stated as 11.5%  proclaiming to be "" The Worlds Best pizza flour, this authentic and traditional 00 flour is ideal for making pizzas and Pasta"".                                                  I used it in  the Potato and Rosemary breads pictured

i  also made a practice run with the same flour of fruit breads using HONEY , 

We are having a bake day on Saturday 20th for the Fremantle Bee Buddy group when they will be making and baking with their Honey.

My extremely expensive proover deployed for the final proof. i get them from a local coffee importer  and roaster they are inside the Hessian bags.  

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Oh, the Caputo Superiore flour is quite interesting! I've read the descriptions on the packaging and the specifications, and it seems to be perfect for baking where you need high protein and gluten content. If you have the chance, I'd recommend getting a small pack to try it out. Baking is always a bit of a gamble - until you actually try it yourself, you can't be sure how it will turn out.


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