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East Berlin Malt Rye - Malfabrot (Germany)

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East Berlin Malt Rye - Malfabrot (Germany)

Today's bake: East Berlin Malt Rye -  Malfabrot (Germany)

Source: The Rye Baker by Stanley Ginsberg

Notes: None

Substitutions:  None

Discussion:   Another nice rye bread from 'The Rye Baker'. This is a relatively easy bread to make  with only a sponge and main dough. It has a nice sour taste and Stanley describes it best as a 'tender close crumbed bread. The malt is incredibly sweet with strong chocolate, caramel, and coffee notes from the roasting.' I sampled a slice after cooling and then the next morning and the flavors definitely intensify with an overnight aging.

Make again? - Yes.

Changes/Recommendations:  Less flour in the bannetons and scale the formula for larger boules.

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Very appealing loaves Tony with that natural "scoring".

That's an awful lot of malted barley, or at least it would be for a wheat bread. Must have tasted amazing? 


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Thanks Jon,

There are indeed lots of roasted flavor from the malted barley.


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Tony, they are great looking rye loaves.  I love the way that they opened naturally, they are very handsome.  I wish I liked rye more than I do, but what can you do, I would otherwise try it just to bake a beautiful loaf like yours.


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Thanks Benny

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What an artful super-dank dark bread! Can you give more info on the malted barley. Powder or syrup? Non-diastatic, I assume, if it's roasted. Thanks.



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Thanks Rob,  I used the Malt that Stanley recommended which is whole grain and then I milled it to super fineness in my Komo mill. See photo below -

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I posed this question a couple of years ago when I wanted to make this bread. TFL member@mariana found a reference to the authentic Malfa Kraftma Spezial Brotmehl. I found the spec sheet for the malt:

I only had a crystal barley malt at 120° L and was very pleased with the result. But I want to try a darker malt closer to the spec. I recently purchased a Simpsons Coffee Malt (160L) and Crisp Malt Pale Chocolate Malt (200L) from the local brew store. I haven't made the Malfabrot with these yet, but I will report on them in the future when I do. Also note that crystal malts are slightly different than plain roasted malts. The malt is allowed to liquefy and crystallize during the process and that may impart a stronger caramel flavor.

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That is sure a beauty!!

I love the cracks and crumb. Wow!

I don't have your particular malt -only pale malt, wheat and rye malts, and a dark chocolate rye malt.

Your malt seems to really make a difference in flavor. Choc rye malt gives a lot of neat visual effects but not so great on flavor without spices.


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Thanks jo_en