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Time for a new Community Bake

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Time for a new Community Bake

It strikes me that it's about time for another Community Bake.  The Infinity Bread CB started last November and wound up this January, so it's a good six months since we've had one.

Who's up for hosting a CB?

And what would you like to see as the topic of the CB?

I'll throw this out there as a pump primer: First, since it's summertime in the northern hemisphere where I live, grilled breads (baked on a grill, that is).  Second, breads or rolls for picnics. 

I'm sure you have other ideas that are even more interesting.


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CB time! Why don't you pick the bread (or whatever) - pick a formula (or whatever) - and just have the posters play with it. You'll get some interesting pointers - and some interesting issues. Work on 1 thing - get that down - move on. Enjoy!