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Adding cheese and chives timing and qty

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Adding cheese and chives timing and qty

Hey all, 

I'm wondering when is the best time to add cheese and chives to my sourdough, is it during the stretch and fold? My bread is 100% hydration - I've been using the Wartface recipe and it's been pretty much foolproof for me. Also how much cheese and chives should I add?

Thanks in advance!


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Later is better - like at the end. How much - up to you - but don't go to much (how much that is depends). Enjoy!

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Mini Oven

then slice it and use the cheese (cottage type) as a topper with a generous blanketing layer of chives on top. 

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When to add cheese and green onions to the sourdough depends on the effect you want to achieve in your bread. Usually, cheese and green onions are added after stretching and folding the dough, at the stage of the final bread shape. This allows for a more even distribution of the ingredients throughout the dough and helps maintain their structure and texture.