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dough retard last proofing in fridge

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old hippy

dough retard last proofing in fridge

Hi , Is there anyone out there that kneeds a poolish starter dough in a bread machine then overnight retards the final proofing in the fridge . 

After a long time of baking my own bread I now can no longer kneed the dough because of arthritis , someone sugested a bread maker to do the work for me I was given one to try it out , I have always used a poolish dough but decided to use a recipe for the bread maker wich was reasonable but not very tasty . So I tried retarding the last proofing overnight , but the dough had overproofed and on doing some reading about it I was wondering if my dough coming out of the breadmake is too warm and does not cool quickly enough in my fridge but my temp at the bottom is 1-2 deg C so it seem I am doing something wrong . Please is there anyone out there who can help an OAP who is missing her fresh crusty well risen bread .

Living in hope of help 


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Moe C

If kneading is the only part of bread making you can't do, I would suggest using your machine for the kneading only. Stick with the recipe you like, with the preferment, do everything the same, except let the machine knead.

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Skip the machine and just let it go. Gluten will develope on it's own - then just mix. If you have the time you have the method. Enjoy!