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Rye malt—Finnish edition

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Rye malt—Finnish edition

It’s me again, back with more questions about rye malt. This time it’s about Finnish rye malt. It seems there are two different rye malts that are used in Finnish bread recipes. One is kaljmallas, a dark crushed rye malt. I have found a picture of the actual product sold in Finland, Tuoppi Kaljmallas:

The kaljamallas is obviously a dark malt, possibly darker than crystal rye malt. I found a Nordic brewing site that described the flavor as less sweet than the crystal rye, but that crystal rye could be used as a substitute. I also found a site that describes a method for toasting pale rye malt to approximate kaljamallas.

The other Finnish rye malt is Tuoppi Mämmi- ja leipämallas (mämmi and bread malt). It is described as a light ground rye malt and is the rye malt used to make mämmi; the recipes I’ve seen for mämmi look essentially like a rye scald. I want to approximate this malt, but without seeing the actual product, I don’t know if crystal rye malt is actually too dark or whether it is actually just pale rye malt. It’s also appropriate to inquire about this malt now because mämmi is a traditional Easter dessert. Anyone have any more info on these malts?