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Bread for the month of April. FB Breadworks group.

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Bread for the month of April. FB Breadworks group.

Good morning consulting Friends (uncompensated) of " The E.V. Sourdough Foundation." Before the foundation embarks on the next big semester learning exercise (laminated dough) A side experiment has been authorized. The iconic Winston knot Bread. My friend, baker extraordinary and curator of the FB Breadworks group, Ralph Nieboer has announced the first ever Bread of the month (April) I need a bit of guidance. A search here yield no results. Google was little help.

I need to find the best substitute for T-65 flour. Google says it's the same as Italian tipo#1. Additionally Google stats the 65 denotes the mineral content. What would be my best choice in a USA style flour?

 Regarding cross posting the formula,and or details about the Breadworks Aprl challenge, I want to ask Ralph for his permission. Additionally, I want to check with Floyd to be sure doing so, is within Fresh loaf rules. Thanks in advance for any and all kind assistance. Today's pizza dinner for attention. 

Best regards,

Will F.

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I can't help you in the USA with any conviction Breadtopia has a 00 - I trust them...but 00 flour is pretty finicky , I find it needs significantly less water than other types of flour.  Have fun.  Laminated doughs are fun to play with.  Beat your butter (cold) with a rolling pin so it is pliable but still cold.  (my only good tip)


Happy Baking.