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Loaf on Sea


I've had my starter on the go for about 4 years. I bake with my once a week and feed it each time I bake with a rye/wholemeal mix, storing it in the fridge between feeds. Often it gets a bit of a crust on top, but scraping that off the starter below has always worked well for me. Probably not ideal conditions for it, but it works in terms of minimal time/effort!


I took it out this morning, though, and as you can see in the photo it had all these white spots on top. I haven't changed anything much, except my floor mix may be a bit more rye-heavy this time.


Is this mould? Do I need to bin my trusty starter,  or can it be salvaged?

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Take a little from the bottom and feed high - which would be something like 50 to 1 - go easy on the water (a very thick consistency is good) - and let it go till thin - repeat a few times till it's normal. Enjoy!