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BBA's Sticky Buns

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BBA's Sticky Buns

They are GOOD! I had made them before but the cinnamon bun version, however, the sticky buns are much better. I find this dough very nice to work with and the end result well worth the little effort they take. I just wanted to brag about a success after my recent rustic breads failures. LOL Yum! I have more on them on my blog,




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Oh, does that ever make me hungry! Great picture.

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I absolutely love these sticky buns.  I don't make them that often, what with all that butter, but man they are so good when I do.  I use more pecans that it looks like you do, because I like those sweet, toasted nuts on top.  I made a double batch for Christmas breakfast for my whole family this year.  They were gone in about half an hour.  Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.


I also like to make them smaller than I think the recipe recommends.


On another note, can anybody figure out why he insists you whip the sugar/butter mixture you spread in the bottom of the pan?  Since it is going to melt anyway, what is the point of whipping a bunch of air into it? 

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Buns upside down.

Inverted buns.