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20231018 Air Fried 100% whole-durum banana nut craisin bread with CLAS

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20231018 Air Fried 100% whole-durum banana nut craisin bread with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS). 



I've been mulling over what to do with that hefty 50-pound bag of durum berries I stowed away during the pandemic. Noodle-making was my go-to, but it became a chore after a while. I even considered buying a noodle machine for convenience: the kind that extrudes noodles once you add all the ingredients, but guess what? Nature stepped in and saved me the trouble—bugs invaded the bag, and that was it for my durum berries. Here's the final loaf I made totally clueless about those bugs:







Prepare a puree with

23% milk

46% overripe bananas


95% fresh whole durum flour ground in the Vitamix

5% whole durum flour from durum CLAS

7.5% water from durum CLAS

17% egg

0.2% gold yeast


mix until a moist dough forms; do not overmix

28C x 240mins using Zo's "Rise 1"





0.5% gold yeast

1.5% salt

1.5% ground cinnamon

10% butter

mix until incorporated, then 


38% toasted mix of 






38% craisins 


mix in extra banana-milk puree if needed


Total dough weight: ~750g

for a 19cm x 11cm x 8.5cm tin with a lid (holds 1000ml)



using Zo's "Rise 3"

38C x 50mins



place the dough into the tin lined with parchment slings

smooth the top with a spatula (optional)



using Zo's "Rise 3"

38C x 40mins



using the 6Q Instant Vortex Clear Cook Air Fryer

line parchment paper on top of the dough

close the lid








click to enlarge






 I🧡💛🩷that I can bake two loaves in the air fryer at once whenever I feel like it.









Enjoy it the ball-law-yau style


I have another 100% durum bread, but this time it's made with refined, extra fancy durum flour.



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Hi Yippee,

The slices are chock full of goodies. I bet they didn't last long!

Your loaf dough amount must have been perfect for the rise with the lid on your pan. No overflow at all! I never thought to use a Pre-dough/Rise with a banana bread. Does it differ in texture from the usual quick bread crumb? I have some cooked jujube paste (no sugar). Maybe I could try...??

Thank you for the  precise measurements on the side by side pans that will fit in the air  fryer and your method and timing on all parts of the process.

Clas recipes are really fun to get!!

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Sorry to hear about the bugs infesting your huge bag of durum berries Yippie, that is such a pity.  This loaf looks absolutely yummy though.


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Hi Yippee, 

I followed your instructions but used my jujube paste, but wasn't thinking of the difference in sugar content and stiffness in the 2 fruit purees.

Yipes I had to make a downstream correction!!

Well the loaf turned out actually-passably well. It gives me new ideas about having such a high % of fruit puree in a bread dough that goes through a 4 hr bulk. It was really interesting. How do you think up these things??!!