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20230211 100% whole-durum noodles with CLAS

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20230211 100% whole-durum noodles with CLAS


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS).



I need to find a way to speed up using the fifty-pound durum berries I bought from Central Milling when their shipping costs were still reasonable. So I use them to make 100% whole-durum noodles with CLAS. Surprisingly, the durum noodles have some sweet aroma that others don't, although the recipe is similar to spelt noodles. Of all the noodles I've made, my family likes durum noodles the best. Through practice, I am getting better at making stiff dough for the noodles. 







P.S. 20230213 Stress-free "mass production"


How can I make large batches of durum noodles, i.e., use more durum berries at a time, without overwhelming myself with the extra work? 🤔🤔🤔                   💡💡💡 Freeze the dough!  This is the stiffest dough I've ever made! 13% whole durum flour, from whole-durum CLAS87% fresh whole durum flour, ground by Vitamix19% water, from whole-durum CLAS40% extra large egg4% seasonings Total dough weight ~1040gdurum berries used ~640g                            Divide the dough into 50g portions and freeze.            Thaw out the portions needed at room temperature.            roll out            pasta roller#1 x 1 😰😰😰            Lightly mist the dough before each subsequent fold and pass, until 👉👉👉            pasta roller#1 x 1, fold; repeat a few times until the dough is smooth                                                                  pasta roller #2 x 2        pasta roller #3 x 2         pasta roller #4 x 2                                                               fettuccine cutter x 1                                                                              Whole-durum noodles with pork belly and homemade cracklins - this time, I made sure I didn't leave out the cracklins!                           




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Another Girl

Those look perfect, Yippee. Durum has such a wonderful flavor and gives noodles the perfect toothsome texture. Nice!

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Wonderful noodles Yippee and the soup looks delicious too.


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Hi Yippee,

These look like egg noodles and very absorbent of your broth too!

Is your recipe the same as for the spelt noodles? 

I was looking too at your ingenious way of putting a band of pasta in the roller for indefinite rolling!

Write us more on how to judge the % clas for total flour and hydration and time and process in the kneading!


I was somewhat fearful that the Zoji motor could not mix a 50% hydration dough (or some of those sludgy thick rye doughs).

Which is your favorite noodle of all the ones you've made?

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Thank you for putting in the pictures on how things look at each stage.

I can see freezing dough balls is a lot more space efficient that having cut noodles,

not to mention the breakage in stored noodles.

Looks like the Zoji can handle mixing stiff and heavy doughs (like in the sticky rye bread doughs). 

Whew! I have been very cautious on pushing it and overheating the motor. :)