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Today's exercise: Kaiser rolls, stamped/folded

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Today's exercise: Kaiser rolls, stamped/folded

Aim: Shaping Kaiser rolls, using the fold, and stamp methods to compare the results.

All of my most recent Kaiser roll bakes have used the knot shaping method. I have become proficient in the knot method, so, I left  that one out. Let's look at the results separately.

A. The stamp.

I have had this plastic stamp for quite a while. Today is the first time using it. I really like the way the crust peeled open when I pressed just right. That being said, this look is far from traditional Kaiser rolls. 

B. The fold.

I have used the fold method in more than a few bakes, with varying degrees of success. Today I folded only two. I am still not satisfied with my folded Kaiser rolls. At the moment I am considering giving up in favor of the easier options. 


1. I have to much spare time.

2. My Kaiser rolls from now on will consist of a mix of knotted and stamped. Sometimes a few of each, sometimes exclusively one method or the other.


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If looks count and I had a stamp I guess I'd go for the stamp.  If it is also easier, I'd probably almost always go for the stamp, I think they look really good!

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They look so appetizing I want to eat them all. I can almost hear their crunch :-) 

I, personally, usually knot my rolls, but that's because I don't have a stamp :-))