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Self guided baggette hands on practice lab.

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The Roadside Pi...

Self guided baggette hands on practice lab.


To gain proficiency in the mixing, handling, shaping, and baking of relatively low hydration baggettes in the vain of I' ancienne. With some originality. 

Observation at the final proof stage. I have reasonable expectations for a good outcome. No matter the end results. The flegling baggettes are looking good. Muscle memory is definitely kicking in. Smile...

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These look nice, very interesting and different looking texture from my sourdough baguettes.

I'm curious what you mean by "relatively low hydration"...?

I usually make mine a little under 70% using primarily all-purpose flour. Judging by the appearance I'd guess either yours are a quite bit lower or maybe you're using a very different kind of flour...?