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European flour substitutes?

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European flour substitutes?

Hello all,

A little research on my part... If one has a formula for bread which is from Europe, calling for European flour, what can we use here in the US to substitute, considering we (I) can't get European flour here? Do you just wing it and go ahead with US bread flour? If I understand correctly, US bread flour is from hard red winter wheat whereas European flours (00) might be soft white spring flour. Or something like that.

And if I do go with a US bread flour (K.A. Special Patent), will the resultant bread be so far from the European version that it would be considered, to a point, a "failure"?

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I have purchased French flour t65 and t80 from L’Epicerie three times. It’s always outstanding. I love the t65 the best and am down to the last few pounds. I got the 22 kg bag last time. It’s not a terrible price with shipping and is quite comparable to what I pay for Barton Springs Mills in TX whole berries . I’m getting ready to order again from L’Epicerie. I will link below. 

As to what’s available in the US , my goodness there’s a huge number of choices both whole berries , I have a MockMill, and already ground flour. Hard, soft, Winter and Spring and many others. Google is your friend as well as of course the many posts here on TFL containing info on various suppliers.






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Keep an eye on the water - like more. Keep an eye on the dough - like stiffer. There will be differences, but it should work out. That should get ya going. Enjoy!

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A good example what European Style flour is availbale in the US. Results are perfect!!

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