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humidity for starter

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humidity for starter

I usually feed my starter water <100º F and place in the closed oven for 90 mins to 2 hrs and repeat till I have enough.

I normally rise a loaf in a small foam chest with a bowl of boiled water under the pan.  This helps the speed and quality of the rise.

I'm wondering if the starter feed would also benefit from being in humidity rather than just a "closed" space.

The house humidity averages 50-60% most of the year until summer.

I'm sure the humidity rises a bit when in the closed oven with the 100º F water feed, but ....

I wonder if feed cycles would shorten significantly or if the starter would benefit in general from this method?

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I just put a lid on the starter container.  That will maintain a moist environment better and easier than anything else.

I normally cover a proofing loaf with a sheet of plastic wrap, which keeps it moist.