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Sourdough puff pastry

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Sourdough puff pastry

Has anyone else made sourdough puff pastry? I came across a recipe last week from Farmhouse on Boone and gave it a shot. Aalthough it wasn’t quite traditional, it gave me great results (I have a blog post with more details here) but I’m interested in trying some different recipes to compare. It never even occurred to me to make puff pastry with my sourdough starter!

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I read the recipe and I don’t understand why one would add leavening to puff pastry. The article seemed to equate danish laminated dough with puff pastry. That is my primary question.

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…many times, but puff pastry or pate feuilletée makes no sense. The paste portion of pate feuilletée is literally paste (flour, water, maybe a bit of salt and lemon juice). Calling viennoiserie puff pastry is just confusing. But no matter, your turnovers look delicious.