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This is a Schrotling, adapted from both Brotland Deutschland and Dietmar Kappl.  In part I was excited to bake the bread because it was a bit of a test in increasing my customary use of "Brotgewürz" or bread spice, inspired by a recent thread on a Frankenlaib, and Mini-Oven´s suggestion to up the Brotgewürz.  I rarely exceed 0.5% (Baker´s) and Mini suggested as much as 2% (total dough weight).  I moved further in this direction, 2% Baker´s/1.2% total, and absolutely loved it.  So, as eternally, thank you so much Mini.

2-stage sourdough.  868 grams, 40% Central Milling medium rye, 20% home-milled cracked rye (fine, what I call "pumpernickel"), 40% Central Milling Type 85 wheat.  69% hydration (Baker's), 0.5% fresh yeast (Baker's).  Again 2% Brotgewürz (Baker's).