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Sourdough Slicer recommendations

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Sourdough Slicer recommendations

Anyone have suggestions for a slicer/slicing guide that can handle wide sourdough loaves? The bamboo guide slicers I've found are too narrow to handle a 9 or 10 inch boule. Found some electric slicing machines, but they caution they are not made for crusty bread.

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I have used the electric slicing machines,  just go slow, and you get consistent results. I have a small one with a serrated blade, and that works fine on 100% whole wheat sourdough, though i have read that others have had success with AP or BF loaves, I have not tried that.

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I have an old electric slicer with a serrated blade, maybe 15-20 years old and while it squeaks and moans when running, it still handles bread just fine. On harder crusts you just have to go slower. Loaves too large to fit in it I just cut crosswise in two with a large knife and then slice at the right angle to the cut, this gives me half-slices, but at this size full slices would be too large and cumbersome to comfortably hold in one hand anyway. One important point, though - make sure it can make slices no less than 5/8ths of an inch (15 mm) thick, otherwise your larger bread slices may turn out quite flimsy.

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Dave Cee

Electric for the win! No more raggedy uneven slices.