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20% Whole Wheat Loaf

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20% Whole Wheat Loaf

Good Afternoon All,

This is my first post here, and wanted to share a successful bake - only my third loaf! This one is 20% King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour (remaining 80% is KA AP flour) at about 80% hydration. I'm very happy with the crumb, though I think the dough strength could be improved - see the right side of the slice, it's a bit straight and not as rounded as I'd prefer. This was shaped as a batard, but doesn't appear to have held its shape when rising. This loaf was also a bit more sour than my previous attempts - any reason for that? Is it due to the longer cold proof in the fridge, or maybe just the starter was excessively hungry?)

At any rate, here's the full recipe:


  • 400g KA AP Flour
  • 100g KA WW Flour
  • 400g Water
  • 100g Levain (100% hydration)
  • 12.5g Salt

Process (full disclosure, I'm in AZ where it's quite warm this time of year, inside temp was between 78f-80f):

  1. Fed Levain 9pm night before, and again the morning-of @ 10am - 100% hydration. Started next step @ 3:45pm
  2. Autolyse 500g Flour and 380g water (20g water reserved when adding salt later) for about 1hr 15min
  3. Add Levain and combine (rest for 30min)
  4. Add salt, remaining 20g water and combine (rest for 30min)
  5. Bulk Fermentation
    1. Stretch and fold 3x total (every 30mins)
    2. Rest after final (third) strech and fold for 2hrs
  6. Pre-shape (rest for 20min)
  7. Shape into batard and add to banneton
  8. Cold proof overnight for 12hrs (10pm-10am)
  9. Pre-heat oven with dutch oven @ 500f
  10. Add loaf and 3 small ice cubes to dutch oven and add cover. Add sheet tray to bottom rack. Bake for 25mins
  11. Remove lid, add second sheet tray directly underneath dutch oven on same rack (dutch oven was sitting on it). Bake until color achieved - in my case about 25-30mins
  12. Waited 3-ish hours to slice
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Looks good to me.  Yes a longer cold proof can improve the flavor, and can get more sour. 

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Your bake deserves more than one response, so I will add mine.  This looks like an excellent bake, and especially for only your third loaf.  Well done.  Also, your write-up was done nicely with a clear explanation and enough detail.  The crumb is fine, and the crust is evenly baked.  You are definitely doing some good things along the way.  Keep it up (both the baking and the posting).

Happy baking.


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Thank you for the kind words! YouTube has definitely paved the path so I was able to start from a good spot watching countless videos. Though, nothing compares to actually getting your hands dirty and going for it. I'll definitely keep posting as I bake more loaves (did two this morning!).