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Hand made Sourdough Bread - Dutch Oven

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Hand made Sourdough Bread - Dutch Oven

I have been baking Sourdough Bread for three and half years non stop. So much so we have not bought any bread at all (apart from bagels and the odd roll).  I use a Dutch Oven to bake it and generally it rises and the texture is fine.  However, I have noticed more recently that can be a bit "flat" and I look at the SD bread on sale and it looks much higher. Photos attached.  The first photo was about six weeks ago and the second one last week.  It seems to go flat when I upend it into the dutch oven from the banaton.  I tend to make it the night before and place it in the fridge then remove it the next morning and leave for about an hour before baking.

Any ideas anyone?

Yours Oldmoondog

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3 Olives

It sounds as though it’s slightly over proofed. Do you do the poke test?

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which might be useful knowledge to answer your questions.

Let's assume that you are somewhere in the northern hemisphere.  If so, temperatures in your home are probably warmer than they were a few months ago.  That would make fermentation go faster, which could mean that your dough is over-fermented by the time it goes into the Dutch oven. 

If anything else has change, like ingredients, that could also have an effect.