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Granulated Maple Sugar

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Granulated Maple Sugar

Hi Everyone! 


Wondering if anyone has ever used granulated maple sugar in any of their recipes? I like to sweeten some whole wheat bread recipes with maple syrup and I recently came across a granulated syrup made locally that I wanted to try. Wondering if anyone has an opinion on what might mix, and in general what might work better for a sourdough recipe? 


Thanks so much!

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Try it and adjust as needed. Enjoy!

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Use the same amount as you would in a recipe containing regular sugar - or honey if it's actually liquid.

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I love maple sugar. The genuine maple sugar is not available here in Australia (they try to sell maple flavoured sugar), so I had some sent over from Vermont USA. I used in curing bacon and anywhere to replace sugar for unique flavour. Great on ice cream!. I've not used in my sourdough, but I would use it in sweet bread recipes at the same percent as sugar.


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Thanks for tips and suggestions everyone!