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Dove's (Hungerford) flour

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Dove's (Hungerford) flour

I have stopped buying Dove's buckwheat flour at the supermarket as it seems to have very little buckwheat flavour. But I happened across their "Freee" (yes - the e's) buckwheat flour recently (in Church Stretton) and decided to try it. It claims to be 'free from gluten' and has a different package design altogether from their 'organic buckwheat flour'. The Freee flavour is excellent. But what is the difference, as all buckwheat is free from gluten (one has to add some to make the bread rise)? Can anyone tell me the difference, as Dove's farm carefully supply no email address on their website, for me to ask them direct. 

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I make 100% buckwheat bread. Very happy with the taste and never add any gluten. Although I prefer to use whole buckwheat groats instead of flour. Try this method...