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Why is my panettone primo dough not rising?

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Why is my panettone primo dough not rising?

My PM is very healthy and more than triples each feed with great ph numbers. I don't understand why when I mix my primo I get gorgeous silky strong dough but it never rises. It only barely doubles after 15 hours in the proofer at 79F with pH of 5.5. So frustrating! Any ideas why it doesn't rise? I got my PM from Thomas Teffir Chambelland so I know it is healthy and legit! I am using Petra 6384 Panettone flour. Any ideas? It is driving me crazy!!!


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Some questions:

What panettone recipe are you using?

What is your PM maintenance schedule? Ratio, flour used, temperature, time


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It can indeed be frustrating when dough doesn't rise as expected. There could be a few potential reasons why your panettone primo dough isn't rising:


1. **Quantity of Yeast**: If you're not using enough yeast in your dough, it may not rise as much as expected. A common guideline is about 2.5% yeast based on the flour weight. Check to make sure you're using the right amount.


2. **Ingredients Temperature**: The temperature of the ingredients you're using could also impact the dough's rise. If the ingredients are too cold, they could slow down the yeast's activity. It's best to have your ingredients at room temperature, particularly the eggs and flour, before starting your dough.


3. **Kneading**: Proper kneading develops gluten, which helps the dough rise and hold its shape. Make sure you're kneading the dough adequately. Over-kneading can also cause problems, making the dough too tight to expand.


4. **Salt Content**: Salt slows yeast activity. If there is too much salt in the dough, it could be inhibiting the yeast. 


5. **Dough Consistency**: The dough could be too dry. Yeast needs a moist environment to work effectively. If the dough is too dry, consider adding a bit more water or wet ingredients.


6. **Sugar Content**: While yeast does feed on sugar, too much sugar can actually inhibit yeast growth. If your recipe is high in sugar, this could be impacting the rise. 


If you've considered all these factors and are still having trouble, it may be worth reaching out to a baking expert or forum for more specific advice, as panettone can be quite tricky!