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Ketogenic & Gluten Free Sourdough?

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Ketogenic & Gluten Free Sourdough?

Has anybody tried making sourdough starter with:
- Oat Fiber,
- Bamboo Fiber,
- Gold Linseed Flour,
- Flaxseed Meal,

I am very interested on Gluten-free and Ketogenic flours.

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 Take a look at  Australian Sweet Lupin flour , gluten free, fructose free ,  37% fibre, 4% carbs,40% protein..

regards Derek

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THIS is just one of many hits if you search for "GF sourdough starter". I picked this one in particular because if you click on the person's name that responded, it will take you to her info and posts and she was active in that discussion.

Yeast and labs need carbs to eat and produce gas. The flours you listed are very low in that so natural yeast will not develop. Are you going for a gluten free or a carb free starter? GF is definitely possible but carb free....prob not.

If you want natural levain (which is what sourdough is) and no gluten and low carb you can try fruit yeast. Any fruit (apples,raisins,grapes,etc ) in water and let naturally ferment. It is then used as an innoculant into a dough to raise. There are a few carbs but generally (like kombucha and water kefir) most of the carbs are consumed by the yeast. There are volumes of posts on how to do this. Again... use the search box.

Being a bread site, there is not a lot of activity on GF or keto recipes and methods for breadmaking but there are some. You will get much more help on celiac foundation site.

GF_KETO BUN RECIPE if you can stand to read through it works-not SD.

Have fun-learning curve ahead!