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Pullman loaf with 16% lupin flour - 2nd test bake

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Pullman loaf with 16% lupin flour - 2nd test bake

Pullman Sandwich loaf with 16% lupin flour – 2nd test bake

Date Baked: 17th April 2023. 

Changes for this 2nd bake:

 1       Pre-cook 5% lupin flour.

 2.      Add 4% wheat gluten.

 3.      Increase hydration to 70%

 4.      Slight increase of IDY to 1.1%

Correct procedure when trouble shooting is to adjust one element at a time. Being confident, I went for broke and adjusted four elements of my formula. Early signs during mixing and bulk fermentation were positive. The dough felt light and soft and had surface bubbles when pre-shaping.

The final proof took 90 minutes at 25 C and rose to near the top of the Pullman pan.

Baked at 204 degrees C for 45 minutes.

The dough colour was pale yellow like custard. I used a 330-mm (13”) Pullman pan with the lid to bake.

The finished loaf had a good profile for sandwiches and filed the Pullman pan. The crust colour was a dark orange.

The crumb was much softer than the previous bake. The taste was mildly nutty. The WG did not show through. 

I would I bake this again.

Suggested improvements for next bake:

I think this was a successful bake and it doesn’t need improvement, although I will await the critiques from my fellow baking enthusiasts.


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 What a beauty Gavin

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Debra Wink

Good job, Gavin!

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Thank you both Derek and Debbie. The voice of experience really helps.



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Inspiring, knocked this one out of the park I would think!

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I had good mentors :)


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Wow that is impressive Gavin, only one test bake and then the next one was just perfect.  I’ve recently taken to adjusting the hydration of my tangzhongs downwards.  I had recently seen an interesting youtube video where a baker reviewed some studies that found that the tangzhong improved the bread more when used at a lower hydration, they suggested 200% hydration for the tangzhong.  This has the added benefit that you can increase the percentage of flour used in the tangzhong without running out of liquid for the dough.  Anyhow, excellent bake that will be perfect for sandwiches.


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Thanks Benny. Interesting about the tangzhong. These bakes were the first ever time I've used it even though I've seen your many bakes in the past. In test 1, I pre-cooked some of the bread flour as did Derek and it was pasty. DW question me sacrificing some of the gluten in this way and suggested I pre-cook some of the lupin flour which I did. The tangzhong was very watery and not pasty as the lupin flour has little gluten, so I'm unsure of what value it's bringing to the party. I also leveraged my learnings from the 100% whole-wheat bakes., however changing to a different flour was not an option here. I just got lucky I think.