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Everything + Sesame Semolina

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Everything + Sesame Semolina

been a while since I posted anything. Been baking about 1 loaf a week of various breads but this is my new go to for weekly sandwich bread.

Final dough:

AP Flour (Shepherds Grain low gluten)           250g

Semolina (Bob's Red Mill)                                250g

Water                                                                350g

Salt                                                                   10g

EVOO                                                               14g

Levain                                                               100g

Black Sesame                                                   3tsp

Everything Bagel Seasoning                             3 tsp


- Mixed ripe levain with flour and 300g water and fermentalysed for 1hr

- mixed dough in stand mixer for about 3min

- added EVOO and mixed until well incorporated

- dissolved salt in last 50g of water and added to dough 1Tbl at a time letting it fully absorb before adding next  Tbl.

- Place in clean covered bowl and begin bulk ferment for around 3hrs. Stretch and fold x3 every 30min.

- added black sesame and everything seasoning on first set of stretch and fold.

- After bulk ferment pre shaped bread and let rest for 25min

- Shaped loaf, rolled in black and white sesame and placed in banneton. Let proof for 1hr

- placed in fridge for 16hrs

baked in covered clay cloche @ 475f convection oven for 20min. Turned oven down to 430f and baked for another 26min.

Super tasty bread with a creamy soft crumb. Sesame adds great flavor and everything seasoning adds nice bursts of garlic.



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I really like semolina bread, nice oven spring and crumb, and this loaf looks delicious.


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Great crumb and crust.  Nice idea to use the everything bagel seasoning.  I’m a big fan of that mix myself.


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wow, this looks super-delicious and i’m interested in trying it. i love both semolina and everything seasoning, but i’ve only put everything seasoning on the outside as a topping, never incorporated inside of bread.

does your everything seasoning have salt in it? mine has a good bit of salt (equal proportion to the garlic granules, i think) and i wonder if i should decrease the other salt in your recipe, or mix up a batch of seasoning with no/less salt?



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there is salt in the everything bagel seasoning I used (trader joe's brand). I did think about going with less salt in the bread but ultimately did not change it. With the amount I put in, I did not notice any extra saltiness.

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awesome; thanks! 

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That looks amazing and I love a sesame seed crust.