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Looking for a tasty bread that would be good for sandwiches. Tried out dmsnyder's recipe

I made a few changes, some intentional, some by mistake. I used honey instead of sugar. I spaced the night before and just fed my starter and didn't make a levain so i just used 100g of that in final dough so no rye of WW in my levain.

Was not going to divide dough so I shaped after bulk fermentation and retarded overnight in banneton.


Final Dough



Amount (gms)

AP flour


Fine Durum flour








Active liquid levain


EVOO                                                                                             14



  1. Autolyse. Mixed the flours and water and let it sit for 45min. dmsnyder recipe added levain to autolyse

  2. Add levain,honey and EVOO and mix in KA for 6min on #2 speed. Dough was not totally pulling away from bowl so I added 2 tsp AP flour

  3. Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled bowl, and cover the bowl.

  4. After 30 minutes, did coil folds. Did 3 sets at 30 minute intervals.

  5. Bulk fermented for another 90 minutes, 

  6. For me I was keeping the whole amount as a single loaf so I went ahead and pre shaped and bench rested for 25min

  7. Shaped the dough. Sprayed top with water and rolled in sesame seed and put in oblong banneton seam side up.

  8. Covered and put in fridge for 18hrs

  9. Removed from fridge and left on counter while I pre heated oven

  10. Pre-heat the oven and my clay oblong cloche to 475ºF 

  11. Transfer the loaf, on the parchment, to a peel. Score. Transfer into cloche and cover

  12. Cooked covered in cloche for 18 minutes. Turned oven temp down to 430deg on convection and removed cover of cloche. Cooked for another 23min tuning after 15min

  13. Transfer the loaf to a cooling rack. 


I think this turned out great. Super tasty with a great nuttiness from the sesame seeds. Very tender crumb.

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Got a sourdough starter up and living about 3 weeks ago. That had some challenges. The biggest being when my wife didn't realize it was happy inside the oven and she turned the oven to 400 deg. Needless to say my new little starter and the plastic container it was living in did not fair well.

Tried baking my first loaf using a 85% hydration dough. That was a little too much to handle for a 1st try. Took a step back and went with a 72% hydration dough, Maurizio's beginner sourdough. I cooked this in a clay cloche. I think it turned out pretty well.

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