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asking for tips on how to make bread more airy

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asking for tips on how to make bread more airy

i think the taste is great but i want it to be more airy, would love your guidance because its my recipe and i am pretty new (7nth bread baked).

thanks in advance!


the recipe:

the "starter" (16 hours before the bake):

200 grams 12.2% pizza flour (thats what i had)

200 ml water

a pinch of instant yeast


the bread: 

550 grams of the pizza flour

200 grams of rye flour

520 ml water

12 grams salt

4 grams instant yeast.


the steps:

1. saltolysed for an hour

2. mixed the yeast and the starter

3. did 3 folds about 40 mins apart

4. fermented for an hour

5. preshaped, rested 15 mins then final shaped

6. left it to proof for 50 mins

7. 20 mins on 230 c preheated dutch oven with cover

8. 25 mins on 230 c dutch oven without cover



thank you very much for the help

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Mini Oven

Well it looks prety good from here!  Might have cut it a bit warm. How is it today? That is almost a 2 kg loaf (1.7)! Just off hand, making smaller loaves would likely give you airier loaves.  75% hydration.  Rye is a heavy flour compared to wheat, less rye would also lighten the loaf. You could try subbing some acid into the liquids to help the rye, something like a tablespoon of 5% cider vinegar or a squeeze of orange juice. Play around. Anyway....less water might also help if the dough seems too fluid while folding and shaping.

A few questions.... 1) what temperature  was the "starter" or "poolish" during the 16 hours?  2) This is sort of the extra long version of this prefermenting technique so how was its texture after 16 hours?  3) If you add up the time from when you added the starter and 4 g yeast to the dough, what do you come out with for total bulk time? And 4) about what temperature during bulking?

:). Mini