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Help for gummy sourdough bread

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Help for gummy sourdough bread

I tried sourdough bread several times and got same result over and over.

Homemade starter, passed floating test.

500 gram flours, 75% water, 15% sourdough starter,2% salt

50/50 all purpose white flour /whole grain flour

4 hours proof around 90°F, half hour per shape


Pre heat oven, put dough into rectangle Bread Mould.

446°F for 18 mins, lid on

410°F for 22 mins, lid off


It sprung, but feel very wrong compared to my dry yeast bread, what did I do wrong?

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75% hydration is on the high side.  You might want to experiment with reducing the hydration to something in the 65-70% range.

Or, go with a longer bake at a lower temperature to drive out more of the moisture without burning the bread.

Or, remove the loaf from the pan at the end of the bake, switch off the oven, put the bare loaf back in the oven for 15 minutes or so to dry it further.

To my eye, the crumb suggests that the loaf would have benefited from some additional fermentation time before baking, too.


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got it, I will try less water and longer fermentation at the same time first.

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Overproofing will often produce a gummy crumb, especially if whole grains, which ferment more quickly, are used.  4 hours at 90F seems a bit long to me for bulk ferment. Does this time include the final proof after shaping?

My typical sourdough proofs 4 hours at 75F with 10-12% starter inoculation with similar whole grain %age. Final proof 1-2 hrs at room temperature or refrigerated overnight. 


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4 hour included final proof.


I am on the side of under proof. I tried 2-hour room temp proof + refrigerated overnight + final proof about 30 mins in 95 F. The bread didn’t spring at all. Maybe my starter just weaker and it need more time. Anyway, I will try longer proof this weekend to see the result. Thank you all of your help.