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Lune croissant book

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Lune croissant book

Anyone tried the croissant dough recipe from the Lune book? It’s a beautiful book and the instructions are very precise, but the dough was an abysmal failure for me. Way too dry to ever come together. The one Amazon review I see from someone who mentions attempting the recipe details the exact same problem. The book is very insistent about following the recipe exactly and does not mention any potential adjustments.

Yes, I followed the recipe carefully, including weighing everything properly. I have made croissants a few times before and have not seen anything like this.

I suppose it’s the US flour (book was written for a global audience, but author is Australian). But she does say to use a strong bread flour of at least 11.5% protein, and ideally around 12.5%. I used King Arthur bread flour.

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Yes, maybe it's the strength and thirstiness of US flour that is causing the problem - compounded by the difficulty in comparing flour protein content from different regions of the world.

I suspect that Australia, like Europe, calculates protein adjusted for 0% moisture, whereas the US figure is "as is" at 15% moisture. So maybe KA BF would be about 15% in Aussie terms?

Perhaps try AP or contact some flour suppliers for advice?


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I had forgotten that adjustments might need to be made when comparing flours. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Although I use a different croissant recipe, I am finding that I need to add more water to everything I am baking, to compensate for how dry the flour is.

I am also having to sift certain flours that I've had since last summer, as the summer moisture has now dried out completely, leaving a few hard lumps.

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I may have to add more liquid. It’s tough to figure out how much to add when trying an unfamiliar recipe, but something has to be done.

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I had the same experience as well and used KA's AP flour (11.7% protein). It's a bummer as I was really looking forward to adding a poolish/preferment step to my croissants.

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The Lune recipe uses baking temps of 210degC fan (410 degF) for 5 minutes, and 160 degC fan (320degF) for 16 min.

I'm baking in two kitchens in the US - one with a Bosch convection oven, one with a Frigidaire Gallery conventional oven.

The Bosch convection oven - when I set it to 410 degF convection bake, it displays a lower temp.  Is this correct or do I compensate to get the display temp to 410?

The conventional oven - do I set it to 410 deg F or higher, say 435, since it is not baking with convection?

This is my first lamination experience.  The Lune recipe makes four packets, and I'm baking the last packet right now in the conventional oven.  Eight ham and cheese croissants and they smell heavenly.

I didn't have a problem with the dough recipe.  I used King Arthur APF and a mix of high fat unsalted butters (Pulgrà, Cabot Extra-Creamy and Kerrygold).

I've started comparing Reid's recipe to others and will probably try a few different recipes before I settle on one that works best for me.