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Converting standard recipes to No Knead recipes

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Converting standard recipes to No Knead recipes

Hello All, My name is FrankJ and I am new here. Before I post a question to any forum I try to find the answer by searching. I searched the site for about 35 min. but didn't find an answer to...How to convert a standard recipe  to No Knead. I cannot knead well  because of arthritis in the heel of my hands, (basal joint arthritis) and it hurts when I knead and I really don't want to buy a KA mixer to make 1-2 loaves a week. At my age it isn't worth the outlay. 

I have found some information in online  articles to make the conversion and on King Arthur's site.  1. cut back on yeast to 1/4 tsp per 300 gms flour. 2. hydrate to 100%. 3. let it ferment for measured longer periods of time both at room temperature and refrigerator.   Is that it? Too easy? 

I am a "cook by recipe guy" and also a 'measure-er'. I like exactness and don't cook using "pinch method' until I get experienced with a recipe. . Sure I experiment when I gain experience but now I have very little. So I am asking for help. 

I am it as simplistic as I have read or is there more to it?

Thanks for your time and any help that's given . FrankJ    New Jersey

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Check the private message I sent you - there are some detail and 2 recipes.