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Chicken Pot Pie for Pie Day

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Chicken Pot Pie for Pie Day

March 14 is Pie Day!

How I wish I used a π (3.14) design for the top crust. Really missed the opportunity there! :)

So I made some chicken pot pie with a local twist. The filling was made with jicama, mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, and peas), and celery with tender chicken chunks marinated in oyster sauce and fish sauce in a rich cream sauce.

All of that goodness and hard boiled eggs were then stuffed in a sweet, crumbly cookie crust.

The medley of textures and flavors, sweet and savory works surprisingly well and is a refreshing take on the classic.


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That looks delicious and a perfect way to celebrate Pi Day!  Wish I could have a bite.

Happy belated Pi day.


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Mini Oven

i grew up on chicken pot pies.  They always have a special place in my heart.  Yours look pretty tasty!  

No need to make them "squared."  Lol.     Nice to see you posting again.