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Zoji SD: Beets & Bones Borodinsky Br (CLAS)

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Zoji SD: Beets & Bones Borodinsky Br (CLAS)

The recipe for the Borodinsky Bread by Beets & Bones begins with a scald/mash that is very similar to the one in the recipe by rus brot (see YT 9:08)

Here are the recipes:

Beets & Bones: original recipe   (hydration 98%)

     recipe with ingredients adjusted for clas

rus   (hydration 68-70%)

STEP 1: The scald/mash takes about 3 hours.  

From there, both recipes require about 5-6 more hours of preparation before baking.  The Beets & Bones dough is spread into the pan and the rus brot dough is shaped and pressed into the pan (see YT 23:00).

Here is a comparison of some slices from a couple of my attempts:

1) Beets & Bones:

2) rus brot



  • Both were baked in the Zojirushi Bread Machine. Although the temps generated by the Bread machine (in comparison with those of a regular oven) are lower by 50-75F, the characteristic sag of the breads did not occur. I think it is due to the smaller dough amount baked and the round pan yielding slices of medium height (2.5").
  • I used an equal weight of clas (plus 1/2 tsp DIY per 150 gr clas)  for the rye starter in Step 2 of the Beets & Bones recipe.

Textures: 1) soft, chewy and spicy; 2) firm and dense. (The hydrations differ by 30%.)

Neither are pasty or sludge like.



Variation with add-ins:

1. Roast Kabocha with olive oil in the oven and dice into small pieces as an add in. Include sugared orange peel and raisins too!  Mix in with the final dough just before filling the loaf pan. (2023-03-20) 

Inspired by a great post on Polish Pumpkin Rye.



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It always amazes me how amazing the bread can be that is baked in a bread machine and your Borodinsky breads are no different.  Nice bakes.