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20230216 Air Fried 100% whole-durum tomato herb crisp

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20230216 Air Fried 100% whole-durum tomato herb crisp


Please see here and here to learn more about concentrated lactic acid sourdough (CLAS).





85% fresh whole durum flour

15% whole durum flour from durum CLAS

22.5% water from durum CLAS

10% butter

6% olive oil

22% tomato sauce

1% coarse black pepper

2% salt


Total dough weight ~500g

divided into 50g dough balls







Rosemary and oregano from my garden





Blend the herbs with fresh durum flour in Vitamix




Mix a stiff dough 








Divide and freeze, similar to handling durum noodle dough




Roll the dough thinner to make crisps - pasta roller #5




Halve the dough to fit in the air fryer




Use a trivet to prevent the dough from flying




285F x 2mins


285F x 2mins





whole-durum crisps!






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These look fantastic.  You’ve found so many ways to use your air fryer.   We have one but it’s still in the box!



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hi Yippee,

These look fun and nutritious! What a great idea!

you won't even need dip!

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These look so crisp and delicious Yippee, I love the herbs, pepper and tomato flavours you used.