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What thickness should I roll apple pie dough

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What thickness should I roll apple pie dough

I am having ongoing problems with my apple pie, the soggy bottom syndrome, when it occurred to me that I was rolling to thinly.

 Remembering I had a set of pastry guides 2 4, and 6mm I've made up a batch of what I might call practise dough the intention  been to use it for practice - rolling a neater circle and keeping it within a certain thickness, but which to aim for a 2mm or a 4mm thickness.   

What would you suggest 2mm or 4mm?

 I should add that the pastry I'm baking uses 50/50 marg/lard. The marg is because it is shared with a lactose intolerant person 

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Try with all and see what you get. Enjoy!

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A 50:50 mix if sugar and flour sprinkled over the bottom crust before the filling will soak up some of the juice and might help. See King Arthur flour site.

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When I am making multiple pies, as for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I like to prep the apples a day or two before baking day. I peel and slice per usual, then bake in a ceramic or glass dish at 350 for 20-30 minutes depending on variety. Granny Smiths hold up fairly well, but it’s easy to go too far. Cook them until they’re tender but not falling apart. The reduced moisture in the fruit should help with your issue. The apples will hold for several days in the refrigerator with no more browning than what you got during peeling and slicing. I’d shoot for a 2-3 mm thickness on the crust.

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