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Something clicked: big holes, beautiful grigne

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Something clicked: big holes, beautiful grigne

I made Floyd's Pain sur Poolish with all-white Harvest King bread flour, because that's all I had (I'm broke). I added a tablespoon or so of my rescued sourdough starter to the poolish (flour, water, regular yeast) when I made it. It was bubbly in the morning. Then mixed in more flour, the salt, and some regular yeast. Four risings total (one after kneading in the Kitchenaid, two after folding, one after shaping into boules). It took all day, but the dough turned wonderfully soft, stretchy, and glossy, and baked up perfectly. Crisp but filled out grigne, big holes, tender, lovely sour taste.

I wish I had a digital camera. I'd love to show off my bread. 

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I'm glad to hear it turned out well for you!