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clas and flas: (32%) soba noodle, N0 hand kneading

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clas and flas: (32%) soba noodle, N0 hand kneading

This one is easy!! No messy table, no arduous work.

Flas is helpful here: It provides liquid and the "lab"s without increasing the total flour.

Clas contributes more "lab"s while adding a component of rye (included in Ivan Orkin's ramen recipe*).

The flours are all whole grain;  clas and flas used were previously frozen.

Recipe: Dough weight ~240 gr. (1/2 lb); 2 servings;

15 g flas (liquid)

1 egg (47 g)

25 g clas  (8.6 rye fl + 16.4 water)

100 gr freshly milled hard red whole wheat


50 gr whole buckwheat flour (Arrowhead Mills)


Mix all ingredients (except buckwheat) in KA for 6-8 min to develop strong gluten for noodle.

Then add the buckwheat flour and let the machine incorporate it uniformly through the dough mass. (2-3 min). (You can add a bit of water if it does not compact -1 or 2  tsp?)

Press into a tight ball and wrap in plastic wrap for 2-3 hr. hydration, room temp.  Be sure the ball of dough is tightly compacted.  Note the somewhat dry cross section of dough after hydration in (a) below.

 Flour %: soba 32%,ww 63%, rye 5.4%. Hydration (incl egg as liquid): 50%. 


“Toasted Rye Noodle”  by Ivan Orkin.      <--start at 1:10

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Thanks for sharing! I have a surprise for you, and I think you'll like it!