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looking for info and manual on model 20001 mixer

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looking for info and manual on model 20001 mixer


 I have a very old Hobart mixer model 20001 Type SA pat date Jan 24 1905 all I can make out on Ser. is EA It works. It as oil ports what oil is used?and would anyone know were I can get a service manual. I also have a model A200 mixer that works I'm looking for info on lube for it as well I like to clean and lubit be for selling it.I welcome any info I can getThanks Rob.
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Is it similar to one of these? My old sewing machine had one manual for 3 different models, maybe it's the same with your old mixer?

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Food grade mineral oil is what you want to lube stand mixers. 


Also, it'd be easier with pictures but is this the model you're looking for?