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Can I delay/pause bulk ferment by putting dough in the fridge?

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Can I delay/pause bulk ferment by putting dough in the fridge?

I’m following a recipe that calls for an 8-10 hour overnight bulk fermentation on the counter (first time trying this method but I have a cold kitchen so it seems like it’ll work great). The plan was to have the dough ready by 9-10pm, BF overnight, then proof for about 24 hours to bake the next morning. 

Only, I messed up the timing and my dough will be ready for BF long before 9-10 pm. Am I able to pop it in the fridge and take it out later tonight to do the overnight BF? 

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Ilya Flyamer

Yes. But take into account that it'll take a while for the dough to cool down, and also to warm up.

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Mini Oven

by putting a sealed bag of ice cubes (and water) on top of the dough for a couple of hours while it sits in the fridge. You might want to slightly oil the dough side of the plastic bag.  

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Does it say to shape and final proof when doubled? Does it give an indicator when it will be ready to shape or just timing? 

Refrigerate then take it out of the fridge at 8pm. Gives it an hour to warm up and then you should be back on track for the overnight bulk ferment.

Or of you are concerned about mistiming and over fermenting then take it out at 9pm and just wait a little longer to shape the next day. Then do the 24 final proof in the fridge from whenever it goes in.