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Minimalist multigrain

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Minimalist multigrain

Following are my adaptations to the no levain no knead bread. I mix everything together just til moist using a large wooden spoon. Autolyse 1 hr or so.

I  then do my version of bassinage by thoroughly wetting the counter scraping out the dough throughly wetting the top and patting out to a large rectangle then letter fold and tuck into a ball and place in oiled container. I do this 3x with 30 min rest inbetween ultimately using an extra 100 g of water. Dough responds exceptionally well and becomes like silk. 

500g t80 French import 

150g spelt home milled

50g rye home milled

300g wheat home milled (generic )

70g stored starter 

20g salt

35g each EVOO, honey, buttermilk

100g apple yeast water(  stored )

600g water + the bassinage

let rise during the day and then shaped 2 boules and retarded 18 hrs 450 lid on 20 min and lid off 20 min in graniteware roaster . No steaming needed. 



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OK Caroline that looks great and you have me intrigued with how to bassinage.  We need a video of you doing this!  It sounds like a lamination but with more water involved.  Time to do a video!


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Yep that’s all it is. I use the flats of my fingers and pat vigorously to essentially massage the water into the dough. It’s very quick and is so effective with minimal effort. As I do the letter fold i streeeeetch the dough and fold over then gather it into a neat ball and replace into the oiled container. Since I don’t think lamination usually is used to incorporate water as it’s main purpose and bassinage does I guess this is a combo lambassing! 

posted crumb. Lovely soft with the crispest crust and incredible toasted cereal fragrance. 

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The inside is just as keen as as the crust. With your whole arsenal thrown in there the flavor must be out of this world. I am loving this no levain no knead no worries minimalist method not only for the extra free time it provides but it has also produced some of the best breads I’ve ever made. 


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I keep thinking I’m imagining how easy and good it is but loaf after loaf and everyone I give it to exclaims about the flavor and the addicting crisp crust. Which by the way when thawed in a bag on the countertop is crisp upon removing it from the bag… magic I tell you . 

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Another Girl

The spelt-rye flavor combo is so delish and the crumb looks so soft and delectable. I don't get tired of seeing new spins on this formula. You and Don are really taking this one to new levels. –AG

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I need to do the cristal!! Your bread is amazing. I can’t get over how flawless this formula is… and you can see I’ve tried to screw it up 😂😜

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This looks like you nailed it and with so little effort.  Thanks for sharing your method.  Reminds me to get my YW back up and going again.

Happy and Healthy New Year Caroline.


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It’s definitely way more for very little effort. As Don warned it has replaced all other techniques. So far all the different flours I have tried have worked perfectly and my trinity and YW as well so I can’t find a downside. I no longer build a levain and very little hands on . Win- win. Do try it if you have a mind to . Yes to YW! c