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No pronounced ear, nor a satisfying crunch on the outside: Where did I go wrong?

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No pronounced ear, nor a satisfying crunch on the outside: Where did I go wrong?

Hello everyone,

So it's been nearly 3 months since I've had my sourdough active, and I've been trying to make sourdough bread once or twice every week or so. I wanted to share the latest loaf I baked, because I'm trying to understand where I went wrong.

For your information, my dough is the following: 80% French T65, 10% Whole Wheat Flour, 10% Buckwheat Flour, 20% Starter (1:2:2) and 2% Salt.

I baked the loaf in a preheated oven, with a baking steel (since my oven can't fit any form of dutch oven or double tray), at 230°C (highest temperature that my oven can go to). I also poured boiling water into two ramekins that were preheated with the oven, and threw couple of ice cubes when I loaded the loaf into the oven:

Out of all the oven springs, this one was by far the best I've had. Though, I keep noticing that my oven can't contain the steam for long, as it keeps escaping from the sides. So, I had to spray water every now and then.

This was the result:

As you can see, while it has puffed nicely and has good browning, there wasn't an ear that developed while baking. And, while inspecting the loaf, I noticed some sort of a burst on the side:

And finally, once I cut into it, I noticed two things: the crumb was by far the best out of all my loaves (I'll let you all be the judges), but the crust wasn't as crunchy as I hoped.

I would very much like to have as much feedbacks/informations, and I thank you in advance.
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Steam or humidity to me. That and too much top heat compared to the bottom caused it to seal up and inflate until the pressure was released. Maybe try a tin foil tent at the beginning of the bake to prevent the crust from forming too quickly.

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Definitely do what you can to capture stream for at least the first 20 mins of baking - cover the loaf with something, seal your oven, etc. I bet there are tons of ideas or hacks on YouTube - I’ve seen videos of people who were experimenting with different methods, or made a mistake resulting in lack of steam, and this was pretty much how their loaves turned out