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Madras Curry and Raisin Loaf

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Madras Curry and Raisin Loaf

Today's bake: Madras Curry and Raisin Loaf

Based on - Bake Magazine - Chef Julien Otto, faculty instructor at The Fresh Pastry School

This bread is made from a majority of  bread flour, some 100% Stone Ground Organic Durum 100% Extract and a bit of whole rye which is in the culture. The Madras Curry and Raisins add-ins really dominate the flavor of this bread with the durum flour mostly contributing to the crumb texture.

This is my 1st attempt making this bread and I am still trying to dial-in the following:

  1. Optimal scoring - mostly depth to maximize opening

I  like this bread but will probably increase the Madras Curry percentage a little when I bake it again.

Tasting Notes

Crumb - Sweet/Dairy with notes of milk

Crust - Raisin - due to the raisins - really nice and not to sweet

Grain Character - moderate with a taste of cooked spaghetti

Recipe and Process are below for those that are interested.



Abe's picture

Knocking them out of the ballpark. Gorgeous looking baguettes with a very interesting twist. You've inspired me to bake the Hamelman recipe again but i've come up with some substitutions. Hopefully it'll be a nice combo. 

Trying to think what best filling goes with these curry powder baguettes. 

CalBeachBaker's picture

I'm finally developing a little expertise after so many bakes.

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I bet it would make a nice egg salad sandwich. 

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Wow now these are incredible and original baguettes Tony.  So well done!  I’m sure they taste as amazing as they look.  I’d love one for lunch about now.

Happy New Year to you and your family.


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Another nice bake. Love the flavour combination. They look delicious.



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Thanks Gavin.