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Additives for lighter bread?

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Additives for lighter bread?

Is there anything that can be added to a simple bread recipe (water, yeast, salt, flour) to make it larger, more voluminous? I notice that store bought French bread is larger per serving for less calories. I am assuming it is all the additives added. 

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A lot of commercially made loaves have a lot of additives you may not want to eat. But,if I understand what you are really seeking, it isn't additives you need-it's technique. Flour,water,yeast and salt are all the ingredients you need to make any kind of bread- fluffy bread, dense bread, crispy bread and soft bread. The difference in a loaf can be due to variations in the ingredients, variation in the ratios, variation in the technique of handling them and, granted, a few other simple ingredients like fat, sweetener, 

For a larger rise try using bread flour, which has a higher protein level and makes stronger gluten formation. For ALL loaves, work on developing the dough to windowpane (use that as a search word). Developing a strong gluten network and the starchy gel to fill the network is key for any kind of bread. 

Use a simple French bread recipe and work on different techniques on making the type of loaf you are seeking.

Have some delicious fun!