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***Not one of my braggadocios posts.*** Humbly asking for assistance/advice.

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***Not one of my braggadocios posts.*** Humbly asking for assistance/advice.

Refrigeration temperature. 

I had this problem during the baguette community bake too. However that was with a criteria 1990's refrigerator with faulty door gadgets. This is a new refrigerator that is working just perfectly. That being said controlling the proof time  using refrigerator temperature only, is difficult. I have a few more colder settings I could try. However learning this equipment is a waste of time, since I am getting out of Dodge in a short couple of weeks. 

 My question is assuming a cool retard temp. between 42-34 degrees F. how many percentage points should I cut back on the IDY to extend the proof for two or three hours? I over slept today and baked these off, at the 12 Hours,  I was shooting for. A pee pee run at 6 hrs. looked good for a ten hour proof. I forgot to reset the timer and woke at hour 11 still needing to preheat. I hope this is legible. Thanks so much!

The formula is

Flour 2029 g, Water 67% , IDY .25%, Salt 2%, barley malt syrup 1%

These amounts yield the 10 Oz. baguette size I was shooting for with a margin for error. Thank you for any help saving me time and energy experimenting. 

I think, that the 1%  barley malt syrup could very well be the savior of these bakes.