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Advice requested, regarding no knead formula

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Advice requested, regarding no knead formula

Hello, friends. I am about to embark on some experimentation with a room temperature low labor formula. To be more specific it is Ralph Nieboer's (Breadworks) German crusty roll formula. The formula calls for .02% IDY for 12 - 14 hours at 70F. (21c) I just took a temperature reading in my NYC steam-heated kitchen and I am looking at 81F. My question is two-fold, 

1. Would dropping, the IDY to .01% keep the timing about the same in my kitchen?

2. Can anyone give me guild lines for using my 100% hydration starter for this no-knead application? 

Thanks in advance for any advice. I am trying to work out some formulas for my life's third-act cottage home bakery. 

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At higher room temperature I would not change the yeast, I make my no knead bread precisely at 27C/81F in my kitchen, but expect the bread aroma and taste to be noticeably different. The amount of yeast is so minute that it will not affect the timing nor would it destroy gluten by overfermentation.

Of course, it is possible to halve the yeast but then you would have to add the remaining amount of yeast to the bread dough before shaping it. It is needed for the lift, for oven spring, because added commercial yeast will not multiply inside bread dough that much. But that would require some kneading or at least stretching the dough out thinly and brushing it with activated yeast solution, then folding it.

I use 0.7-0.75g of ADY or IADy and 27g of active sourdough starter (yeast and starter together) per 427g all-purpose or bread flour in no-knead bread formula, the amount needed for one loaf of bread, 600-650g of baked bread.

Bulk fermentation lasts 8-18hrs at 27C (warm room temperature), miraculously, the dough won't collapse/deflate even after 18hrs at 27C. This recipe/method is not time- (or temperature) sensitive, not really. 



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Ah for tonight's exercise, rather than mess with the amount of yeast. Instead, I moved the fledgling dough close to a cracked window. Next time I will ferment at a higher temperature. The wide window for fermentation is going to be a great help. Thank you so much for all this information. Let us have a peek. 5:30 into the room temperature fermentation. The baguettes are two hours into the cold retardation.