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Recipes that call for Lievito Madre?

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Recipes that call for Lievito Madre?

So as I strengthen and train my LM, I was wondering if you have any good recipes that aren't panettone or pandoro that I can use discard with to both not waste starter and simultaneously test it's viability? 

Preferably it'd be an enriched dough that is less expensive and time consuming to make than panettone, but would give me a good idea how the starter is coming along. I had a bit of trouble finding other recipes for the LM, but I also would trust a recipe from someone on this forum more than a random search. 


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Claudio Perrando has a new ciabatta recipe that uses a lot of LM. 

There is also a FB page (Italian) called Lievito Naturale di Pasta Madre solida o Licoli, that has lots of recipes

It's always an issue, trying to reduce waste.