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The best laid plans of mice and men...

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The Roadside Pi...

The best laid plans of mice and men...

That being said, the end game scoring plan is as follows. 

baguettes at approx. 16"

Score lines - Three at 6"

Overlap - Score lines two and three overlap by 2" (approx. 1/3)

I don't see a whole lot of expansion. but, they are looking sweet. The first photo is right after shaping, the second photo is after 10 hrs. in the cooler.

I screwed the pooch.

Overthinking, I, first of all, changed too many variables at once. That notwithstanding, I figured out the no-spring problem, (oven or otherwise.) Second, to that, I was too aggressive with the scoring. I changed the protein profile of the bread by substituting 50% pastry flour with only moderately high protein Gold metal flour. Live and learn! Now I have to redo this bake again before moving on.


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They look amazing.  Love the seeds.  Oven spring is so hard with baguettes.  It's a akin to how blowing up those thin animal bending balloons takes so much force.  Basically if you can fully spring a baguette you can do anything !