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Inspired by Will!

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Inspired by Will!

I thought it was time to have another bash at Kaiser roll shaping after seeing Will's (aka The Roadside Pie King's) recent posts on the subject.

Recipe from though I did a retarded bulk, not in final shape.

Shaping from

Mine are not up to Will's standard, but I've shaped worse! Trouble is you just start to get the hang of it when you're nearly done. I finally worked out what to do with the last fold - too late. I'll have to try Will's roly-poly method.

And check this for a pro at work!





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The Roadside Pi...

They look really good. Now I have the bug to go back and try the folds method again. Not for a few days. Let me finish eating the rest of these bagels and bialys first. (The ones I did not give away) Smile...

Will F.